Starting Again

By | April 11, 2016

rotating-mag-motor-1Hi… Starting in 2009, I’ve been playing around with magnetic motor just because I was curious. Nothing spurs me on more than someone telling me that something can’t be done. Case in point: Oct 4, 2011 I posted a video of a small motor I was playing with just to show the concept. Immediately after the video was posted, there was a flood of negative replies. One fellow actually took my video and out of pure ridicule, started tearing down why magnetic motors are impossible and what an idiot I was for even trying. If I were the timid sort, I probably would have just given up right there and then. Nope, not going to happen.

This site is an answer to those that would try to tear someone down just because he or she was going against preset laws of science. Shoot, if we were to stop experimenting just because the “experts” said something couldn’t be done, we wouldn’t of even left the ground in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. You remember hearing about those experts that said; “If God intended man to fly, He’d of given us wings”?

So on to getting this dog gone magnetic motor to work…

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