Monty’s Concept

By | April 21, 2016

monties-conceptMy dear friend and supporter Monty made a suggestion about my small rail gun prototype at

After his comments, I went back and considered the possibility even though I hadn’t even built the first one yet. Basically what he said was “You might want to place your drive magnets in a slight arc also.

So I made the wheel about 12″ in diameter and arched each bar magnet at 10º. Just a beginning thought. I still need to build the first one, if not just for kicks and giggles.

4 thoughts on “Monty’s Concept

    1. Timothy Post author

      Cool Jeremiah. I sorta figured. I’ll be developing that drawing as the weeks go by.

    1. Timothy Post author

      No Bill. I’m waiting until I get the chance to clean out my workshop.


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