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Hi, I’m Tim Davis, creator of the 101 series of Drafting Courses. These are courses designed to teach students how to draw complete and submittable drawings of Architectural House Plans, Mechanical Shop Drawings, and Site Plans. Complete meaning that they contain all that’s needed to either build with and or submit to building officials for permits. Have you got your wheel stuck in a rut? Tired of flipping hamburgers and working minimum wage jobs for a living? How about opening the door to a career in drafting. Drafters are well paid professionals who have job security because of the ever changing demands of today’s industries. I have been training drafters for over 25 years and I know what they need to fill the jobs available, and these courses reflect that knowledge. Enroll today.

These courses individually would cost more than double what I’m offering all three for. I’ll give you access to all three, an almost $140.00 value for $60.00 from this website. That’s over 1/2 off the regular tuition prices for all three courses. Click the individual links to the left to view these courses. If you wish to enroll, click on the PayPal button.

After you’ve paid the tuition, an email notification will be sent to you shortly to let you know how to access all the courses.