By | October 12, 2017

I started just experimenting with strictly magnetic powered motors. It turned out to be impossible to get one running using that method. I even built one of James Roney’s stators and tried it on the arm of the mechanism. Sadly, to no avail. Then it occurred to me as I was making a video describing my latest motor, that if a clockwork mechanism were used and the rotating wheel generated the power needed to run the mechanism, I may be on to something. Below is the video where I came to that conclusion

That has been 6 years almost to the day. The above video was made Oct 4, 2011. Certain health problems and other events of life delayed my work until 2 months ago when I had to have a stint placed in my heart. I had to recuperate, so I decided to start playing with my motors again.


My first attempt was to build a similar motor to the one in my original video. As you can see in the above video, the concept was successful. Using a 24 volt DC motor that I took out of one of my old Houston Instruments DMP 52 plotters I used when I had a drafting office, I was able to get around 60 RPM’s from the wheel. The motor ran well on just 6 volts from a 6v battery. That blew my mind so I carried the concept even further. This motors wheel will be mounted on a 12 volt/6 amp bicycle generator, which is double what’s required to power the DC electric motor that powers the clockwork mechanism. I built the new wheel using a different magnet configuration and instead of a fluctuating arm, it uses a piston drive.

I’ve already ordered the bicycle generator and it should be here in a few days. What a shame there’s not a bicycle shop anywhere near here. Once the generator arrives and I find a 24 volt DC capacitor, I think I’ll be in business. I clocked the wheel at around 120-130 RPM’s. The photo’s shown here are what I’ve completed so far. If this rascal works, I plan to publish detailed scale drawings for free download for whoever wants to build one. Make as many refinements as you want. I will be copyrighting the drawings, but you do have permission to make as many alterations as you want, or even build it exactly as it’ll be drawn. If this goes viral, so much for any opposition from whoever.

Now, I want to pause for a minute to reflect on something. When I made my original video back in 2011, I received so much ridicule on YouTube, it was downright depressing. Some guy even made a very in-depth vid on how stupid I was for even considering such a notion. He actually went very much out of his way to make sure I looked like an idiot. Now I have a suspicion as to why he did that. Should anyone actually come up with a magnetic motor that works, it could be developed to put the big oil companies out of business. Think about it. A motor that runs on it’s own power would be a major threat to these guy’s. That tells me there’s going to be some major opposition to the new motor from every direction. Well! So be it.

I’ll make a video of the new motor once it’s completed. The drawings will be available shortly thereafter. The next step after finishing the wooden model will be an all aluminum prototype.

Can anyone confirm the below video actually works? If it does, it’s an interesting possibility to replace the bike magneto…

Just for good measure, here is the secret behind the James Roney stator.

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