Monthly Archives: April 2016

Monty’s Concept

My dear friend and supporter Monty made a suggestion about my small rail gun prototype at After his comments, I went back and considered the possibility even though I hadn’t even built the first one yet. Basically what he said was “You might want to place your drive magnets in a slight arc also.”… Read More »


Each one of my prototypes will be proceeded by a scale drawing. They are free to download and if needed, make whatever modifications you wish to them. Just let me know what modifications you might have made and the end result of those modifications please. If you want to have your concept drawn, I’ll be… Read More »

V-Gate Concept

Here is my modified design for the V-Gate using a single stater. It’s a bit sturdier than the original. I haven’t had time to build one yet, but hope to before the summer is over. Below are the plans. Drawing link in PDF

Rail Gun Magnetic Drive Possibility

Some time ago, I saw a YouTube video where a couple of kids and made a magnetic gun from angled ceramic magnets. That darn thing shot the magnet projectile out like a rocket. I thought that if this principle could be used in a more rounded situation, there was some promise. I did some calculations… Read More »

Starting Again

Hi… Starting in 2009, I’ve been playing around with magnetic motor just because I was curious. Nothing spurs me on more than someone telling me that something can’t be done. Case in point: Oct 4, 2011 I posted a video of a small motor I was playing with just to show the concept. Immediately after the… Read More »